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Shopping list

When we talk about future of lighting, we speak devices, screens, wireless, data. Lumens, watts, luxes tail somewhat behind. The industry is head-on to a symbiosis of a light emitting radio transmitting gadget.

A proof of the idea — recent developments in the US labs. GE showed the indoor navigation system, where light helps to guide a shopper to the products selected via his or her app.

No more distractions?

No more distractions?

How it works?Ā Visual light communication (VLC) between an LED light source in a fitting and a phone camera happens when the phone is trying to locate the position of a shopper (or warehouse cart!) indoors. Networked LED then serve two functions — general lighting and orientation. ByteLight from Boston, MA, call themselves a software company, but their solution might dramatically change all the hardware that lighting companies around the world are making. Acuity Brands, a large lighting corporation, has recently acquired ByteLight. Good navigation: they know where they are going!

Illustration courtesy of GE Lighting


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