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In the Circle

DUBAI, UAE. The recent AI Summit, organized by enterprise software titan Oracle, brought a renowned speaker and author, Geoffrey Moore. He is most known for his books Zone to Win, Crossing the Chasm and Escape Velocity. Today Mr. Moore was concise, sharp and describing — if not predicting — the waves of innovation about to fall onto the society.

Brilliant summary on how systems of engagement are converting into systems of intelligence through the process of digitalization (in other words capturing, storing and processing the big data).

One part of Geoffrey Moore’s speech has been especially captivating for me: how companies can make the best use of technology, and by technology we no longer mean a computer but the whole avalanche of computational power. Thus number one strategy is named Differentiation. SORAA comes to mind with their innovative red spectrum focus, which immediately propelled them into the limelight of the industry. Should it happen that a business is left to play the catching game with the leaders, they may resort to Neutralization. “Get back to the circle by reaching what is good enough fast enough,” said ¬†adviser to Microsoft and CISCO. Do you see how hard tube lamp LED manufacturers are trying to neutralize PCB boards? The last winning strategy is called Optimization: when the machine learning serves to improve the end to end supply chain. See one of our previous posts about challenges of microLED technology.

The rest of the pie that Mr. Moore presented on the screens is split between the Failures and Waste. The former is often regarded as the way to blame the people and seldom to learn from, and the latter implies that not enough effort has been done to innovate. In the end of his speech Geoffrey Moore has given one important advice: manage one strategy at a time to ensure success.

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Reading Architecture

I had great honor and enjoyment of taking part in @bitesofarchitcture reading of “Cultural Conservation and Urban Appropriation” by Architect Mona El Mousfi. The subject of their discussion was Sharjah Art Foundation new spaces in the Heritage Area. Look forward to the new meet ups.


Will we touch the light at last?

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 8.57.22 PM

… and get a response back? Possibly. Recent patents granted to Apple in 2017 and research by the leading LED chip manufacturers are pointing in this direction. Patently Apple reports the¬†use a micro LED in an active matrix display to emit and sense light. “Display panels, systems, and methods of operation are described in which LEDs may be used for both emission and sensing,” blogs Jack Purcher. At the same time this technology is yet to settle: it is to bring together three streams into one delta: that of microLED chips suppliers (Nichia, Osram), display producers and technology transfer and assembly.

Okay, we may be dreaming, but imagine: a light emitting surface that lights up the space, displays an app interface, verifies the user identity and adjusts its settings, brings up custom news and content.

Image courtesy: Patently Apple blog.