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We Are the Light

Spencer Tunick Bodo Bodyscape

Photo: Spencer Tunick

I have come across this kanji hieroglyph the other day – – which is pronounced ‘kō’ and means ‘light’ or ‘hikari,’ ‘to shine.’ The character literary depicts a person carrying light. If you switch imagination, then legs and a fire are quite visible.

That same day I have read about Spencer Tunick’s live photo installation above the Arctic Circle in Norway. Here are some more details about Bodø Bodyscape project.

People rose a tiny light fixture above their heads as if to help the Sun to do what cosmos prevents it from: shed more light in areas away from the star’s normal route. The Little  Sun Diamon fixture is a product developed by the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson.


Photo: Little Sun Diamond by Olafur Eliasson