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Real Estate, fashion, architecture and data. What does Masayoshi Son, Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey see what traditional offices miss? The case of the collaboration space designed by the fashion star Adam Kimmel at the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.WeWork_Adam_Kimmel

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A New Field of Science

This post somehow got incepted and talked about and even written on the plane. Call this serendipity, but light fixtures created by Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Fedorenko have a great load of air in them. No surprise that some of our readers see this post in an airport or perhaps even aboard above the Arabian Gulf.

We got in touch with the duo from Kiev — The Fild — and asked them to tell Light Intelligence about their light fittings.

Dan and Kateryna. Light is in the air

Dan and Kateryna. Light is in the air

Dan, Salvador Dali International University Alumni, has started The Fild in 2012. Path to lighting trailed through successful collaborations in the world of fashion and graphic design, when Kateryna Fedorenko and Dan have joined forces. Kateryna has before successfully founded a fashion brand L’UVE and brought with her unique fashion vision.

Their collection Sustainable Origins (SO) consists of eight objects. As Kateryna describes it “Light is simply one of the necessary decorative elements of interior design. We have just expressed the ideas that visited us!” Designers describe their style as clean minimalism and seek inspiration in graphic design. Texture is a key, and to metaphysical light, they add wood and metal.

SO1 from the Ukrain duo

SO1 from the Ukrainian duo

Dan and Kateryna meticulously select their suppliers and demand only the best quality of LED light sources and gears. Impossible to miss, textile cords that match the color of wooden base, are a sign of good taste.

SO8 inviting into a cosy warm hotel of light

SO8 inviting into a cosy warm hotel of light

We loved the suspended linear fixture SO8. A sheet of metal lovingly wraps around the wooden base and leaves an opening just enough for the right amount of light to pour. We won’t be too much far off if we predict this fixture would even meet EN standards for glare control!

Pardon the pun, but there may be a new filed of science happening here. Aetherophosology, we shall call it, with a great load of light in the air.

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Eye-catching Exposition of Luca de Stael Glasses

Luca de Stael 2
EXPOSITION EN VITRINE DE LA NEW GALERIE DE FRANCE, Paris, France. Drag a passer’s-by attention to a shopwindow in the middle of a sunny day? Could be difficult for even all those standardised luminances, shops cannot be compared to an unshielded sunlight.
Designers of a temporal exposition of¬†Undostrial¬†glasses went on antagonists’ way, they juxtopposed darkness to light. Perfect way to beat the Sun! Perfect way to ignite interest and curiosity!
In a small Vitrine de la New Galerie de France, where plaster walls were still smelling fresh paint, the exposition was coming to an end, when we spotted it. Unique glasses emerging from and melting into white pannels were lit with a profile halogen spotlights. No light was spilled over. The only source of ambient artificial light was a multimedia projector looping ppt presentation of the products. At dawn and night time the scene may even be more dramatic. Excellent solution!
Originally published on light May 20 2009