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53 Weeks of Sunlight

Pirjo Collage Slide1

53 pictures, 53 weeks, a bit more than one year…

Is it enough time to observe all the subtle movements of sunlight, all the shadow play, all the colour change as the season go by, from the crystal white of snow to the tasty green of spring to the peony fire of summer and the final fade away of autumn? We were plunged into the midst of this feast (we nicknamed it Light & Nature and then it developed into something that is hard to embrace and therefore hard to find a name that could possibly carry all the beauty, all the connotations of it) thanks to our co-author and contributor, our friend and a brilliant photographer Pirjo Lindfors.

Pirjo Collage Slide2

Week by week, every Sunday there appeared a post on our Facebook page with an image that had been taken by Pirjo when she had been on a photo-hunt somewhere out there in the oh-so-distant and oh-so-beautiful Finland. And everytime it was a complete and utter surprise!

Pirjo Collage Slide3

Paying homage to our friend with those small quick collages and wishing her all the best and her book to be published soon (we are queuing for the autograph 🙂

Kiitoksia paljon Pirjo!

Originally posted on in Oct 2011