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My shopping in the US

Men and shopping. I mean, literary, male shopping. Practical, coldblooded, calculated, ending up with last minute presents from a duty free. I had a firm plan fixed for my trip earlier this month; a plan as to what and where. When was left for a chance. The chance never come swallowed by an avalanche of this planet’s acclaimed largest tech convention.

Shrapnel pieces of time I have actually wandered inside a retail outlet end up on this page. Since this blog is not about fashion, neither it is a blog about hobbies, you will see mostly ceilings and some lights.

SHINOLA, SAN-FRANCISCO, CA. Tucked in a cosy street by the Transamerica pyramid, a Detroit life-style icon features plain wooden shelving and tin ceiling. Unfortunately I was not able to find out who the architect of the store was. Shinola’s New York store has been done by a NY practice Rockwell. They are famous for their stage sets. Do track mounted spotlights remind you of a stage too?

WARBY PARKER, SAN-FRANCISCO, CA. I found myself twice on the Hayes street, and hence claimed it mine. Really, if there would be a better location for an indy store, then it would be Hayes street. Eye ware maker, Warby Parker, store renders itself as if a web page suddenly comes alive. Light, white on blue murals (by an SF duo Lab Partners), Roll and Hill lighting fixtures inside and exceptionally good sales associates.

HOGWASH, SAN-FRANCISCO, CA. I remember I was meant to go somewhere else that evening, but 30 draft beer taps… While my companions enjoyed their sausages and sauerkraut at this restaurant near Union Square, I took photos and looked at the details. And boy, someone loved the details! Waffle patterns repeats on the globes too! Shoutout to the makers from Geremia Design.


DRY GOODS SHOP, THOMASVILLE, GA. American craftsmanship is on the rise. I loved this bespoke set of luminaries in a small shop featuring leather aprons, tool sets, wallets and bitter milk mixers.

… and now unpack and try to readjust to Gulf Standard Time.

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Shopping list

When we talk about future of lighting, we speak devices, screens, wireless, data. Lumens, watts, luxes tail somewhat behind. The industry is head-on to a symbiosis of a light emitting radio transmitting gadget.

A proof of the idea — recent developments in the US labs. GE showed the indoor navigation system, where light helps to guide a shopper to the products selected via his or her app.

No more distractions?

No more distractions?

How it works? Visual light communication (VLC) between an LED light source in a fitting and a phone camera happens when the phone is trying to locate the position of a shopper (or warehouse cart!) indoors. Networked LED then serve two functions — general lighting and orientation. ByteLight from Boston, MA, call themselves a software company, but their solution might dramatically change all the hardware that lighting companies around the world are making. Acuity Brands, a large lighting corporation, has recently acquired ByteLight. Good navigation: they know where they are going!

Illustration courtesy of GE Lighting