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Fagerhult Lighting Academy at Intersect by Lexus

DUBAI. Fagerhult in association with APID has held an event at the city’s trendiest places, Intersect by Lexus. This unique event brought together architects, interior designers and lighting industry professionals to discuss the phenomena of light. Conversation was kindled by Henrik Clausen, the Director of Fagerhult Lighting Academy. Henrik spoke of the human aspect of light. “Light makes us recognise each other as living beings,” Clausen said. His talk called for deeper understanding of the effect of light in any environment on personal wellbeing. This visionary approach supported by the academic research in Denmark results in adoption of new standards by manufacturing and consulting community and novel methods of controlling light.

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Shopping list

When we talk about future of lighting, we speak devices, screens, wireless, data. Lumens, watts, luxes tail somewhat behind. The industry is head-on to a symbiosis of a light emitting radio transmitting gadget.

A proof of the idea — recent developments in the US labs. GE showed the indoor navigation system, where light helps to guide a shopper to the products selected via his or her app.

No more distractions?

No more distractions?

How it works? Visual light communication (VLC) between an LED light source in a fitting and a phone camera happens when the phone is trying to locate the position of a shopper (or warehouse cart!) indoors. Networked LED then serve two functions — general lighting and orientation. ByteLight from Boston, MA, call themselves a software company, but their solution might dramatically change all the hardware that lighting companies around the world are making. Acuity Brands, a large lighting corporation, has recently acquired ByteLight. Good navigation: they know where they are going!

Illustration courtesy of GE Lighting